Written by Brian Clemens
Produced by Ian Fordyce
Directed by John Scholz-Conway
(tx date May 10, 1975)
US: Mirror of Deception
Ger: Job mit Aufstiegsmöglichkeiten
fr: Bon salaire, avenir assuré
Wendy Phillips applies for a new job and disappears without a trace. Her fate is shared by her friend Babs. Another friend, Helen, is determined to find out what happened.

Wendy, Babs und Helen teilen sich eine Wohnung. Wendy reagiert auf eine Stellenanzeige und verschwindet spurlos. Als Babs das gleiche Schicksal ereilt, machen sich Helen und ihr Freund Charley daran, die Vorgänge aufzuklären.
Rating: ****
James Maxwell (Carter), Kim Darby (Helen), Keith Barron (Charley Masters), Julian Glover (Gifford), Susan Dury (Babs Bryant), Gillian Hawser (Babs Two), John Abineri (Inspector Bruff), Bruce Boa (Hanley), Janina Faye (Wendy Phillips), Martin Read (Timothy Bryant), Reg Lye (Caretaker), Peter Hill (Filing Clerk), Julie Crosthwait (Tall Blonde), Annette Woollett (Wendy Two), Christina Palmer (Helen Two), Karl Held (Security Guard), Norman Chancer (Police Driver), James Greene (Constable Breck).
Wardrobe Supervisor Sue Lecash Make-up Supervisor Marion Phillips Film Cameraman Tony Mander Film Editor Stanley Staffe Senior Cameraman Roy Simper Sound Director Bob Woodhouse Senior Vision Control Jay Brown VTR Editor Al Pigden Music Supervisor (uncredited) Music Laurie Johnson Lighting Director Jim Willis Designer Stanley Mills Floor Manager (uncredited) Vision Mixer (uncredited) Administrator (uncredited) Production Secretary (uncredited) Production Assistant (uncredited) Executive Producer (uncredited).
German TV listing from 1982 (note that they did not have access to any press photo material for the actual episode) - (c) Hörzu
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