Episode 30: IF IT'S A MAN — HANG UP!

Written by Brian Clemens
Produced by Ian Fordyce
Directed by Shaun O'Riordan
(tx date April 12, 1975)
fr: Si c'est un homme, raccrochez!
Model Suzy Martin's beauty is admired by many. However, at least one of her fans is a lethal lunatic.
A rollercoaster ride: turning points every minute, suspects galore, excellent memorable characters, first-class performances by Conti, Harper, and Byrne.
According to Ian Kerr this is an adaptation of one of Clemens' plays, Lover. According to Pete Stampede it's the other way round:
"[Thriller is] Clemens' anthology series of feature-length tales that (despite being made on the British system of 625-line videotape) was also shown in the US as part of ABC's Wide World Of Entertainment. Despite Clemens' strong female characters in The Avengers, however, he seemed rather too fond for my liking of the storyline of a lone woman, in this case Carol Lynley, the obligatory second-rank American star, being menaced by a killer and/or rapist (...); he used it in at least two other Thriller episodes, and re-jigged this one as a West End play, Lover."

Das Model Suzy Martin hat eine ganze Schar von Verehrern, wird jedoch von einem anonymen Anrufer terrorisiert. Dieser greift dann zu noch drastischeren Mitteln.
If It's A Man, Hang Up! ist eine Achterbahnfahrt: Es gibt pro Minute eine Wendung, fast alle (!) Beteiligten werden ordentlich verdächtig gemacht, die Charakterisierung ist mit ihrer Fülle einprägsamer Figuren (die Polizisten, Bruno, etc.) vorbildlich. Die Besetzung der Nebenrollen ist mit Michael Byrne, Gerald Harper, Tom Conti etc. vorzüglich.
Rating: ****+
Carol Lynley (Suzy Martin), Gerald Harper (Greg Miles), David Gwillim (Henry Venner), Tom Conti (Bruno Varella), Michael Byrne (Richard Lovell), Paul Angelis (Terry Cleeves), John Cater (Murchison), Colin Etherington (Peter Marnley), Susan Holderness (Betty), Jo Beadle (Girl Friday), Michael Cronin (Advertising Man), Michael Chamberlain (Young Policeman), Beatrice Shaw (Old Lady).
Wardrobe Supervisor Sue Lecash Make-up Supervisor Dianne Joyce Film Cameraman Tony Mander Film Editor Stanley Staffe Senior Cameraman Mike Whitcutt Sound Director Bob Woodhouse Senior Vision Control John Willment VTR Editor Al Pigden Music Coordinator Paul Clay Music Laurie Johnson Lighting Director Jimmy Boyers Designer Roger Allan Senior Floor Manager Richard Holloway Floor Manager Paul Harrison Stage Manager Maggie Summerfield Vision Mixer Mary Forrest Administrator Ron Brown Production Secretary Jenifer Blackden Production Assistant Margaret Robinson Executive Producer Cecil Clarke.

*re-assembled from available on-screen credits
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