Written by Terence Feely
Story by Brian Clemens
Produced by John Sichel
Directed by Peter Jefferies
(tx date January 26, 1974)
Newlyweds Samantha and David make friends with their neighbour Howard Heston - and tragedy is just around the corner ...
A must-see!!

Dem frisch verheirateten Pärchen Samantha und Robert stellt sich Howard Heston vor, der in der Nachbarschaft eine Windmühle erworben hat und sich dort einrichtet. Eine wahre Katastrophe bahnt sich an.
Only A Scream (eigentlich: dream) Away fängt da an, wo die erste Saison aufhörte, nämlich auf höchstem Niveau. Was das Trio Gary Collins, Hayley Mills und David "Geisterstadt" Warbeck hier bietet, erwirbt sich schnell den Status des Klassikers.
Rating: ****+
Comparing the PAL TVM and the original UK version I found the following (careful - spoiler alert!!!):

Pre-Titles: There's an establishing shot of the church missing from the TVM.
The TVM has an additional scene (at 15' approx.) during which Sam and Liza carry the trunk into the house:
(L and M carrying trunk, putting it down, a lot of phew-ing.)
L: That's nothing You should have seen (...) down from the attic.
S: My old [inaudible]! Do you know, I had forgotten all about it. What made you think of it?
L: Oh, I was just going round the house, looking for belongings of yours. Things a respectable old married woman should have with her, now that she's [inaudible].
S: Oh Liza! Your house was mine for so long, now this house must be yours. We want to see lots of you. We really do.
L: Rubbish! You don't want an old stick like me cluttering up your lives. Anyway, I thought of it, so I brought it. You did love it so when you were a child.
S: And I can't wait to dive into it. It's like a treasure chest. (Kneels down beside trunk.)
L: Who was the man I saw as I drove up?
S: I was going to ask you that. But I had a feeling that I saw him up at the windmill the day we came back.
L: Ah yes! He must be the American who's rented it. John Stratford was telling me. Nice to see it occupied again. - Do you mind if I make a cup of tea?
S (jumps up): No! Now you sit down ...
L: No, you get on with your treasure hunt. I know you're dying. (Exits. Sam kneels down again, opens trunk.)
Time: 1'30
Extended scene: The ATV version shows Heston with doll in hand. In the TVM the scene begins with a bird's eye view of the windmill's interior. Then there's a pan which ends in a medium shot of Collins. (Differences in music)
Time: 0'18
TVM: After arranging the brushes and playing around with the rope Heston starts to whistle and suddenly lets go of his toy.
Time: 0'10
When Sam says 'He isn't the type to forget' the TVM just cuts away to the next scene. The ATV version has a distinct fade out of both picture and sound.
Total time: 0'00
TVM: Robert opens door and finds Sam kneeling in front of the chest. In the ATV version he strides into the room right away.
Time: approx. 0'05
TVM: After receiving Howard's phone-call Sam is seen hanging up, pausing. The camera pans to the left and settles on the photo album. (Indicates commercial break)
Time: 0'11
Final scene (differences in music): TVM - the final shot shows Collins (18 secs). ATV - the aforementioned shot is shorter (11 secs), and there is an additional shot of Sam and Tom.
Total time: 2'14
Gary Collins (Howard Heston), Hayley Mills (Samantha Miller), Joyce Carey (Liza Meredith), David Warbeck (Robert Miller), Jeremy Bulloch (Tom Manners), Jonathan Elsom (John Stratford), Ronald Mayer (Dr Lambert), Barrie Fletcher (Det. Sgt. Sullivan), Richard Beaumont (Heston as a child), Candida Brown (Samantha as a child).
Wardrobe Supervisor Kaye Conry-Halley Make-up Supervisor Marie Roche Film Cameraman Tony Mander Film Editor Roy Jordan Senior Cameraman Mike Whitcutt Sound Director Len Penfold Senior Vision Control John Willment VTR Editor John Hawkins Music Coordinator Paul Clay Music Laurie Johnson Lighting Director Richard Stone Designer Stanley Mills Floor Manager Larry Fraser Vision Mixer Mary Forrest Administrator Ron Brown Production Secretary (uncredited) Production Assistant Madeleine Mann Executive Producer Cecil Clarke.

*re-assembled from available on-screen credits
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