Written by Brian Clemens
Produced by John Sichel
Directed by John Cooper
(tx date April 21, 1973)
Ger: Dämonen des Bösen
fl: Bezeten
fr: Possession
Ray and Penny Burns move into a lovely country house which was the scene of a murder twenty years ago. After a while the spirits of the dead seem to rise.
Tons of classical moments - just look at the picture below! I love the performances, the efficient lighting, the skilled but unobtrusive camerawork. Sure, it's familiar stuff, but apparently not to Carson and Dunham...! As for the rest of the characters, we have seen better in other episodes.
If you're fond of such material you should check out
A Woman Sobbing, one of the few surviving episodes of the BBC anthology series Dead of Night.

In dem abgelegenen Landhaus, das Ray und Penny Burns erworben haben, geschehen unheimliche Dinge. In der Nacht sind Schritte sind zu hören, jemand pfeift "Greensleeves" nach, begleitet von Fingerschnippen. Dann macht ein Handwerker im Keller einen grausigen Fund ...
Shriek! (Joanna Dunham, Athol Coats)
Possession arbeitet mit dem bekannten Motiv des haunted house, was John Carson und Joanna Dunham jedoch nicht daran hindert, dies wie eine Weltpremiere zu spielen. Die Nebenfiguren hat man schon besser gesehen. Unvergeßliche Momente gibt es jedoch reichlich (siehe Bild oben). Deutscher Synchronsprecher von John Carson ist Elmar Wepper (!).
Rating: ****
German TV listing from 1982 - (c) TV Hören und Sehen
John Carson (Ray Burns), Joanna Dunham (Penny Burns), Hilary Hardiman (Cecily Rafting), Athol Coats (Mr Filson), James Cossins (Kellet), Richard Aylen (Inspector Miles), Jack Galloway (Young Man), Mary Ann Severne (Young Woman).
Wardrobe Supervisor Ann Hollowood Make-up Supervisor (uncredited) Film Cameraman (uncredited) (Editor) Glen Cardno Senior Cameraman Roy Simper Sound Director Bob Woodhouse Senior Vision Control Jim Reeves VTR Editor (uncredited) Music Coordinator (uncredited) Music Laurie Johnson Lighting Director Richard Stone Designer Henry Graveney Production Manager Jeremy Van Bunnens Vision Mixer (uncredited) Administrator Ron Brown Production Secretary (uncredited) Production Assistant Jenifer Blackden Executive Producer Cecil Clarke.

*re-assembled from available on-screen credits
German TV listing from 1982 - (c) Hörzu
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