Written by Ken Follett
Produced by Philip Hinchcliffe
Directed by Terry Green
(Original tx October 13, 1978)
Die Untersuchung des Todes von John McCorqudale führt Hackett und Bonney auf die Spur eines miesen Spiels. Der zwielichtige Geschäftsmann Hecht will Ernest Millets Firma kaufen. Das Geld dafür soll Chaz Carter beschaffen, der jedoch keineswegs zur feinen Gesellschaft gehört. Im Gegenteil: Chaz und seine Gangster überfallen einen Werttransport.

Shady businessman Hecht wants to buy Ernest Millets company. He raises the money by illegal means – this is where Chaz Carter ties in.
The dialogue is not bad, both in the hotel room and outside where Hackett and Bonney are chatting away. Leslie Sarony (who was similarly typecast in The Chinese Detective) provides a few funny moments ("bleedin' skinflint"), as do, surprise surprise - here's the image change, Mower and Price whose characters turn out to be too thick to jot down the details of Dee's number plate.
The action scenes could have been more convincing, although they look pretty much like The Sweeney. The best scene is set in the hospital and features Antrobus, Madoc and Mower - very fine acting here.
Personnel stuff – John Else went on to shoot the Law & Order four-parter. 'Ma Carter' was scripted and shot but didn't make it into the final edit.
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John Judd (Chaz Carter), Leslie Sarony (Pa Carter), Neville Barber (John McCorqudale), Yvonne Antrobus (Mrs McCorqudale), John Malcolm (Ernest Millet), Gwen Cherrell (Catherine Millet), Sally Faulkner (Dee), Derek Martin (Alan Ziegler), John Rhys-Davies (Hecht), Peter Quince (Stan), Helena McCarthy (Mrs Templeton), Phil Ryan (Security Guard), Fran O'Linn (Deputy Manageress), David Mallinson (Police Sergeant), Reginald Jessup (Mr Allison), Jonathan Scott (Mr Enticott), Simon Barry (Bank Teller), Doris Hall (Old Lady), Roy Denton (Old Man), Gee Kee (Hackett's Girl), Les Crawford / Del Baker / Eddie Powell / Steve Emerson (Carter's Gang).

Title Music Dudley Simpson Graphic Designer Sid Sutton Action Arranger Eddie Powell Production Assistants Phillip Hill Andrew Bogle Production Unit Manager Colin Dudley Costume Designer Judy Allen Make-Up Artist Sylvia Thornton Film Recordist John Murphy Dubbing Mixer Ron Edmonds Film Editor Graham Walker Dubbing Editor Michael Crozier Designer Daphne Shortman Chief Film Editor Bernard Ashby Photography John Else.

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