Episode 7: COOK-IN

Written by Derek Ingrey
Directed by Lovett Bickford
(Original tx 27.05.80)
GERMAN: Betrogen
All the victims had two things in common - they were middle-aged, wealthy widows, and they adored the conman's cooking. (Radio Times summary)
Excellent, complete with surprise ending!
Michael Byrne (David Stanley) Joseph Charles (Francois Degas) Elizabeth Bodington (Jill Robbins) Rachel Herbert (Mrs Armiger) Shirley Dixon (Penny Birch) Yvonne Bonnamy (Mrs Redman) Anthony Dawes (Colonel Mason) Michael Anthony (Monsieur Lapoint) Cameron Miller (Porter) Michael Drew (Barman)
Production Assistant Robert H. Gabriel Production Unit Manager Jean Esslemont Director's Assistant Jenny Doe Assistant Floor Manager Nicholas Laughland Vision Mixer James Gould Costumes Lisa Benjamin Make up Deanne Turner Film Cameraman Ian Hilton Sound Charles Pitt Film Editor Tariq Anwar Studio Lighting Peter Smee Studio Sound Trevor Webster Technical Manager Tony Troughton Designer Rochelle Selwyn Music by Anthony Isaac Produced by Joe Waters

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