Episode 24: SCREAMER

Written by Brian Clemens
Produced by John Cooper
Directed by Shaun O'Riordan
(tx date January 4, 1975)
fr: L'hystérique
A killer-rapist is on the loose, much to the dismay of young Nicola Stevens who soon sees the perpetrator in every male person.
Excellent direction by O'Riordan. He casts the right people, has the right timing, and the editing is spot on. Most, if not all of this is very dark.
At the beginning we come across a remarkable line of dialogue: "Rape, my dear. I suppose if it happened at my age I could take it as a compliment." As Brian Clemens put it once, "People's attitudes were different in the 1970s." A cynical non-PC moment, delivered by an apparently sane character suggesting people are not worth anything once their physical attraction is diminished. It is suggested that physical attraction, in itself a non-rational concept which is subject to change and personal preference, is the only thing a woman can receive credit for.
Once again we meet an idiosyncratic detective, clearly modelled on Peter Jeffrey's character in
Come Out (though less incompetent). The TVM title music of was used in a Special Squad episode (The Golden Run).

Nicola Stevens besucht Bekannte in England. Von einer Dame in ihrem Zugabteil erfährt sie, daß ein Vergewaltiger in der Gegend sein Unwesen treibt. Kurz darauf steigt ein Mann hinzu, auf den die Täterbeschreibung paßt.
Screamer hält eine bemerkenswerte Dialogzeile parat: "Rape, my dear. I suppose if it happened at my age I could take it as a compliment." Wie Brian Clemens sagte, "People's attitudes were different in the 1970s" ... Der Ermittler ist nicht ganz so inkompetent wie in Come Out, aber ähnlich angelegt.
Rating: ****
Pamela Franklin (Nicola Stevens), Derek Smith (Inspector Charles), Kay Frances (Virna Holt), Donal McCann (Jeff Holt), Peter Howell (Ward), Stephen Batemen (Stationmaster), Jim Norton (The Man), Wolfe Morris (Balsam), Harry Walker (Sergeant), Ambrosine Phillpotts (Lady), Michael Hall (Doctor), Corinthia West (Policewoman).
Wardrobe Supervisor Christine Wilson Make-up Supervisor Dianne Joyce Film Cameraman Tony Mander Film Editor (uncredited) Senior Cameraman Roy Simper Sound Director Roy Nielsen Senior Vision Control Gerry Taylor VTR Editor Ray Knipe Music Supervisor Paul Clay Music Laurie Johnson Lighting Director Jimmy Boyers Designer Bryan Holgate Production Manager Sean O'Farrell Vision Mixer Carole Legg Administrator (uncredited) Production Secretary (uncredited) Production Assistant Margaret Atkinson Executive Producer Cecil Clarke.

*re-assembled from available on-screen credits
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