Written by Terence Feely
Story by Brian Clemens
Produced by John Sichel
Directed by Robert D. Cardona
(tx date February 23, 1974)
US: Death in Small Doses
Ger: Ein Butler für Madame
fr: Sonnez une fois
Roger Masters has a deadly habit — he kills elderly women after winning their confidence and steals their fortunes. American widow Laura is supposed to be his next victim.

Butler Roger Masters bringt alleinstehende Frauen trickreich dazu, ihm ihr Vermögen zu vermachen. Mit der Unterschrift besiegeln diese ihr Ableben. Masters hat die Amerikanerin Laura als nächstes Opfer ausersehen. Stück für Stück bringt Masters ihren Haushalt unter seine Kontrolle und isoliert sie von der Außenwelt.
Michael Jayston probt seine Rolle in A Coffin for the Bride. Kein Überflieger, aber solide.
Rating: ***+
German TV listing from 1981 - (c) Hörzu
Barry Nelson (Hugo Fane), Nyree Dawn Porter (Laura), Michael Jayston (Roger Masters), Janet Key (Lisa), Thorley Walters (Dr Ledworth), Victor Winding (Det. Sgt. Rainer), Clare Sutcliffe (Betty), Richard Oldfield (Piers Fane).
Wardrobe Supervisor Alyson Ritchie Make-up Supervisor Sheila Mann Film Cameraman Dick Bayley Film Editor Roy Jordan Senior Cameraman Bill Brown Sound Director Bob Woodhouse Senior Vision Control Jim Reeves VTR Editor John Hawkins Music Supervisor (uncredited) Music Laurie Johnson Lighting Director Tony Hudspith Designer Stanley Mills Stage Manager Sheila Atha Vision Mixer Carole Legg Administrator Ron Brown Production Secretary (uncredited) Production Assistant Margaret Madison Executive Producer Cecil Clarke.

*re-assembled from available on-screen credits
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