I've been trying to set up a meaningful publication on Paul Temple for almost a decade. For a number of reasons, it never happened.
But I'm still having fun collecting all sort of Temple memorabilia and writing, re-writing and re-re-writing. Praise from Francis Matthews (sadly, now deceased) and Ian B - which means a lot to me - encouraged me to go on, despite all the hardships involved and despite financially punishing circumstances.

The Paul Temple book is written in English and - although I have no idea when and where - will see the light as a non-profit publication.
I'm still missing photographs for episodes as diverse as Message from a Dead Man, There Must be a Mr X, Swan Song for Colonel Harp, Mr. Wallace Predicts, Letters from Robert, The Man from the Sea, The Victim, Kill or Cure, The Suitcase, Night Train, Cue Murder!, The Quick and the Dead. Please contact me if you are in possession of any such material.

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