"Another round in the way-we-live-now chronicle begun by A Man of Our Times. A marriage breaks up, with particular attention this time to what befalls the wife." (Philip Purser in Halliwell’s Television Companion)
Videotaped LWT drama series very much sought after by Martin Shaw fans. A high level of quality could be maintained rather effortlessly due to the involvement of a large number of big TV names in the production office and behind the camera, including Richard Bates (The Avengers, Redcap), Jim Goddard (The Avengers, The Sweeney, Out, Fox, Reilly, Dangerfield), Tony Wharmby (The Gentle Touch, Dempsey & Makepeace, Miami Vice, Magnum, p.i.), Herbert Wise (I Claudius, Inspector Morse), and Christopher Hodson (Upstairs, Downstairs). Writers included David Butler (Special Branch), Andrea Newman (Mackenzie), and Roger Marshall (almost everything). The guest cast is another asset. Reliable character actors are featured throughout, e.g. Robert Urquhart, Peter Childs, Sheila Gish, Edward Peel, Roy Boyd, Morris Perry, and Julian Holloway. On German screens, the series was seen for the last time in 1982 (WDR-TV). Original episode titles were retained, with a straight translation where necessary.

Alison Fiske is overwhelming as the cute but steadfast Helen Tulley who gives a moustached Martin Shaw a hard time, fighting off horny neighbours and doing an admirable job with her two children simultaneously. The bland title seems to be inadequate for this top-notch series which was way ahead of its time with respect to its outlook on women's rights and equality as we know them today.

Starring Alison Fiske (Helen Tulley) Martin Shaw (Frank Tulley) Diana Hutchinson (Diana Tulley) Christopher Ballantyne (Chris Tulley) Producer Richard Bates

Richard Bates
1.01 Frank tx 21.09.73 Guest Stars Herbert Ramskill (Dad Tulley) Brigid Erin Bates (Bessie) Ivor Roberts (Jessop) Bloke Modisane (Doctor) Diana Chapman (Nurse) Hazel Clyne (Hotel Receptionist) Sylvia Barter (Aunt Grace) Gabrielle Blunt (Emma Hoyle) John McKelvey (Charlie Hoyle) Michael Landy (Vicar) Edward Peel (Tommy) John Bott (Mr. Hardwick) Andonia Katsaros (Mern) Writer David Butler Director Jim Goddard
1.02 Parents tx 28.09.73 Guest Stars Sheila Gish (Jenny) Sharon Duce (Carole) Ian Stirling (Peter Shardlow) Janet Davies (Solicitor's Secretary) Margaret Ward (Mrs. Archer) David Waller (Mr. Archer) Kevin Stoney (Mr. Whitehead) Wendy Max (Sylvia) Christopher Owen (Dick Wade) Writer Roger Marshall Director Herbert Wise

Roger Marshall
1.03 Independence tx 05.10.73 Guest Stars Ian Stirling (Peter Shardlow) David Waller (Mr. Archer) Rosemarie Dunham (Mrs. Freeman) Margaret Ward (Mrs. Archer) David Landon (Man of Wharf) Neville Phillips (Barman) Andonia Katsaros (Mern) Valerie Minifie (Kate) Morris Perry (Dr. Whitworth) Carole Bollard (Anna) Pamela Miles (Liz) Roy Boyd (Tony) Sharon Duce (Carole) Sheila Gish (Jenny) Writer Adele Rose Director Jim Goddard
1.04 Neighbours tx 12.10.73 Guest Stars Julian Holloway (Michael) Sheila Gish (Jenny) Peter Blythe (Stephen) Andonia Katsaros (Mern) David Mc Kail (Peter) Jane Hanley (Ann) Writer David Turner Designer Frank Nerini Director Jim Goddard
1.05 Father tx 19.10.73 Guest Stars Sharon Duce (Carole) Sheila Gish (Jenny) Robert Urquhart (Harold Watson) David Waller (Mr. Archer) Margaret Ward (Mrs. Archer) Michael Earl (Bar Steward) Writer David Turner Director Tony Wharmby
1.06 Caroline tx 26.10.73 Guest Stars Brenda Fricker (Caroline Ainsley) Verne Morgan (Newsagent) Writer Andrea Newman Director Tony Wharmby
1.07 Home tx 02.11.73 Guest Stars Christopher Owen (Dick Wade) Sharon Duce (Carole) Kevin Stoney (Mr. Whitehead) Robert Urquhart (Harold) Andonia Katsaros (Mern) Richard Steele (Mr. Henshell) Edward Wilson (Elsom) Sheila Gish (Jenny) David Mc Kail (Peter) Sheelah Wilcocks (Mrs. Knight) David Baron (Charles Clifford) Peter Childs (Len Hedges) Ann Kennedy (Marge Hedges) Julian Holloway (Michael) Writer David Butler Director Jim Goddard
1.08 Mother tx 09.11.73 Guest Stars David Waller (Mr. Archer) Margaret Ward (Mrs. Archer) Annie Jones (Miss Ayris) Peter Boyes (Mr. Neumann) Writer Roger Marshall Director Herbert Wise

Herbert Wise
1.09 Harold tx 16.11.73 Guest Stars Robert Urquhart (Harold) Andonia Katsaros (Mern) Sharon Duce (Carole) Dough Fisher (Larry) Peter Blythe (Stephen) Writer David Turner Director n/a
1.10 Daniel tx 23.11.73 Guest Stars Anthony Bate (Daniel Stevens) Frances Bennett (Rose Waterman) Dennis Burgess (Harry Waterman) Pamela Duncan (Mrs. Walker) Writer Andrea Newman Director n/a
1.11 Carole tx 30.11.73 Guest Stars Helen Worth (Mandy) Sharon Duce (Carole) Joy Shelton (Leila Rogers) Charles Morgan (Tom Rogers) Peter Blythe (Stephen) Writer Alexander Baron Director Christopher Hodson
1.12 Stephen tx 07.12.73 Guest Stars Fulton Mackay (Mr. Simpson) Joy Shelton (Leila Rogers) Charles Morgan (Tom Rogers) Peter Blythe (Stephen) Writer Alexander Baron Director Christopher Hodson
1.13 Helen 14.12.73 Guest Stars Margery Withers (Emma Horsley) Clifford Parrish (Mr. Edwards) Sheila Gish (Jenny) Morris Perry (Dr. Whitworth) Margaret Ward (Mrs. Archer) Jay Neill (Walter) Writer David Butler Director Tony Wharmby

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